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April 20, 2010

Graduation with celebration

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Well, JB “graduated” from formal OT about 2 months ago.  JB says she is going to miss it because she is going to miss our special time together in the car driving back and forth to the hospital.  I am going to miss those precious moments when we play car games and she shares her special secrets.  I am also going to miss it because of the security of having the therapist there to bounce ideas off of and to be available when I need to vent.  It was nice to have someone reassure me that what we were experiencing was normal and that I am not crazy or a bad mom for the frustration I was feeling and the times when JB would struggle for no perceivable reason.  She did give me her e-mail address, though, so I did not have to totally cut apron strings! 

The same week JB graduated she and DH signed up for Tae Kwon Do classes.  They are taking it together.  The OT therapist assured me that this was the perfect transition activity for her.  One month and 8 classes later I can’t tell you the difference in our home!  The relationship between DH and JB, which can be adversarial at times (think 2 mountain rams banging their heads together and occasionally getting their horns intertwined and stuck) has really smoothed out.  They share a common goal, they have fun with each other, they support each other and they are learning mutual respect.  JB’s attention has continued to improve as well.  She treats me with more respect and seems more self-confident which allows her to open her heart to us even more.  She is more receptive to affection and returns it more openly as well.

Three weeks ago JB came bounding into my office with something behind her back.  She shyly, but with barely contained pride, handed me her spelling test – a perfect score.  Then she handed me another paper.  It was her reading test and she got another perfect score.  She is so adorable when she does something that she is proud of and we praise her – she gets this little grin and her eyes positively dance.  Well, on Monday she once again came bounding into my office – another perfect spelling test.  Then she pulled out another paper and handed it to me.  It contained a perfect score, but it was not a reading test, it was a MATH test!!!!!!!  My little girl who struggled with basic math principles scored perfectly on her math test.  It was at that moment that God gave me the assurance that we were on the right path, that all those early morning therapy sessions were truly worth it.  But the best, absolutely best confirmation was that little grin and her dancing eyes.

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  1. Awesome! Congrats JB. What great moments to remember.

    Comment by Pam — April 21, 2010 @ 2:33 am

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